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Online Tutor Master will transform the way you use online tutors.
Helping you reach conversational fluency faster than you ever thought possible.

The fastest way to improve your speaking and listening skills

...Is to use an online tutor!

It just makes sense. I mean, you're chatting with a person experienced at helping people, just like you, improve their language skills. A tutor's sole focus is making sure you get better!

However...as good of an option they may be. Using an online tutor does not mean you'll magically become fluent.

It takes work. But working hard isn't enough. You need to work "smart."

You need to be using your tutors as effectively as possible otherwise you'll likely never reach your speaking goals.

Online tutors are truly the key to speaking a new language fluently and Online Tutor Master shows you exactly how to master them.

OTM will greatly help you improve your speaking skills, word memory, confidence and prevent you from having to do years of trial and error.

This $39 course (normally $97) will save you hundreds of dollars and will show you exactly how to make years worth of speaking progress in only months by using tutors correctly.

Get Online Tutor Master today and master the way you use online tutors!

$39 $97

Master the way you use online language tutors.


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How Online Tutor Master will help you

Picture yourself speaking a new language in the future…

No really, take a few seconds and really picture yourself in a few years.

What did you see?

You probably pictured a smooth future version of yourself, effortlessly chatting and mingling with new people in a foreign language. The eyes of the people you were speaking with opened large when they found out you could speak their language. They were impressed.

Perhaps your future self just made some new friends for life, or even met a romantic partner. All because you were able to speak their language well. 

What you probably did not picture is…. a version of yourself stumbling over your words, with poor pronunciation and frustrated that you keep forgetting most of the words you learn. Too shy to even go up to new people.

Unfortunately, most people end up either as that frustrated version or as.. well,.nothing because they ended up quitting.

If you use Online Tutor Master, that won’t be the case.

Speaking will no longer be a problem.

With OTM your speaking skills will skyrocket largely because you and your tutor will be in sync. You’ll learn how to choose the best tutor for your needs and as a result of knowing exactly what to do in your lessons and using the right tutors that understand their role. 

You will see years worth of speaking progress in weeks.

Click on the other tabs to see exactly how OTM can help your memory, confidence, wallet and time!  

Imagine never forgetting any new word you learn….

That would make speaking much, much easier.

Unfortunately, what happens for most people (including myself at one point) is they’ll go ahead and book a lesson.

During the lesson, when talking with the tutor there will be a dozen or so words that pop up that they don’t know. 

The tutor will explain the meaning of each words and most students will nod their head and say “Ok! I see what that means now!”

Then next week they’ll take another lesson. The tutor will say one of the words he just explained last week.

And the student….well…doesn’t remember the word. Sometimes the student might even forget they ever learned the word in the first place.

This cycle of learning and forgetting words can go on for years and will seriously slow down your progress. (Not to mention cost you a bunch!)

Online Tutor Master shows you a special techniques involving “Anki” and common words lists to make sure you never forget any important, new word you learn in your lessons. As well two individual techniques to make sure you are constantly using the new words you learn to create sentences. 

This way all of the words you learn end up in your active vocabulary (words used when you speak or write) not only your passive vocabulary (words understood when listening). 

After completing OTM you will see that week after week, you are remembering every word you learn in your lessons. This in turn will make you happier and seriously boost your motivation to continue with lessons as you are seeing constant major progress! 

When you use the advice in Online Tutor Master to make weekly progress, your confidence grows! 

Trust me, there is nothing like quite the feeling of your lessons really working for you and the satisfaction you get when you know you’re learning as effectively as possible. It’s the most confidence boosting feeling ever and it’s something you’ll be feeling very soon. 

Picture this. Using tips from the OTM course you’re able to find a few tutors that are right for you and your goals.

During your lessons you use OTM’s step-by-step method, to help you guide your tutors and make sure you never forget any important new words you learn. 

Weeks go by and you’re seeing some major progress. Your tutors are impressed by the constant practice you’re making week after week and you feel your speaking skills getting stronger with each lesson. 

Soon enough you’re confident enough to go up to and talk with native speakers you come across in real life. 

You’re chatting, you’re laughing and most importantly, you’re not worrying about whether you used the right grammar or if you made a small mistake. All because you’ve been getting solid practice in the comfort of your own home, with tutors that work for you and you enjoy speaking to. 

Very soon you’ll see that practicing the right way, with the right people takes all of the nerves away.

This is exactly what is OTM is about and this exactly what OTM can help you with.

Your confidence in the language you’re learning is going to skyrocket once you start using tutors correctly. 

Your average italki community tutor will cost approximately $11 per hour, your average italki professional teacher will cost $17 per hour. 

Meaning that if you constantly have lessons that don’t lead to better speaking skills; lessons where you’re forgetting most of the new words you learn.

 If you aimlessly have lessons without a plan and let your tutor control the lesson. Then you’re essentially flushing your money down the drain and lots of it.

Think about all of the money you’re waste without getting the results you desire. Hundreds of dollars? Likely thousands. 

Online Tutor Master is the solution. I’ve already spent thousands of dollars in trial and error on tutor platforms like italki….so you don’t have to.

In OTM you learn:

  1.  How to find the tutors that are right for you (so you don’t waste money on the wrong tutors)
  2. Ways to book a tutor for cheaper. 
  3. How to structure your lessons to get the most out of your time with a tutor.
  4. What to do during your lesson to make sure you are progressing as much as possible every week. 
  5. How to remember every important new word you learn, so you don’t waste money having tutors continuously teach you the same material!

In addition to that: 

  • You’ll gain access to large, exclusive discounts to all Fluency Made Easy Products. 
  • You’ll get a $10 italki credit to put towards your lessons. 
  • You’ll be introduced various free websites to find speaking partners for no cost!

This is one of the best benefits about using Online Tutor Master. 

…I could make the same progress I made in the first three years of using tutors, in the next three months with the knowledge I know now.

This is the knowledge I want to share with you.

What do you think happens when you keep using the same tutor and it turns out he’s not the best tutor for you?

Or when your tutor tells you a new word, and two weeks later she brings up the same word and you can’t remember it (or don’t remember you ever learned it)?

Or when you go into a lesson without a plan and let the tutor decide on the spot what to talk about in the lesson?

The answer is simple… you’re wasting time!

The worst thing is, time is whats costing you money! Not only that, time is also costing your happiness, sense of progression and motivation. 

Because if you’re losing money on ineffective tutors or If you’re not progressing as much as you should be… 

Then your motivation and excitement to speak a new language will decline. You’ll gradually develop a negative relationship with the concept on online tutors and sooner or later your progress will come to a stop.

Don’t go down the same frustrating time/money wasting path so many go down.

Online Tutor Master is going to show you how to find the right tutors for you, and what to do in your lessons step-by-step.

The advice in this course is going to save you years of trial and error. 

Three hours of video content will prevent wasting hundreds of hours on bad, ineffective and unhelpful lessons. 

Online Tutor Master

Master the way you use online language tutors!
- Video Course -
$ 39
One time purchase
  • 3 Hours of Video Content breaking down everything you need to know about using online tutors!
  • Step By Step Lesson Playbook PDF and Video Guide!
  • personal italki recordings
  • Exclusive Discounts to Italki and every other Fluency Made Easy product!
  • Life long access to the course!
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try this course risk-free with our no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee.
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What makes this course special?

This course was developed through 5 years of trial and error on italki. There are very few people in the world who've used online tutors as frequently and with the same consistency as me....I wanted to created a course, you can't normally find.
If you aren't too familiar with me yet, let me introduce myself!

My name is Ikenna Obi. I'm a polyglot and language YouTuber with a community of nearly 200k subscribers over on YouTube.

At the age of 23, I've already been able to teach myself Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, Chinese and Spanish (current language). All of which languages I've learned as an adult.

I've used italki/online tutors with every language I've learned. I've mastered the way to use online tutors and want to share all that I've learned with you. It took me thousands of dollars and like I've mentioned years of time, to figure out the optimal way of using online language tutors. This course is special because instead of having you go through the same costly, frustrating and time consuming journey I and many others have went through. With Online Tutor Master you can learn what took over 5 years to figure out...in 3 hours. It's a very unique course and completely specialized on mastering the use of online tutors.

Frequently Asked Questions

– A full video course containing over 2 hours of content breaking down everything you need to know about using online language tutors. 

– A step-by-step video “lesson playbook” and PDF, that guides you through the 4 important phases you and your tutors need to follow in order for you to see the most progress.

– Recordings from my personal italki lessons to show you exactly how I personally run my lessons.

– Exclusive discounts for Italki and all of the other Fluency Made Easy products.

After purchasing the course you will be sent an email from Fluency Made Easy / Teachable which will explain how to set up your account and give you access directly to the course! 🙂

The email is titled: “Redeem your copy of Online Tutor Master” 

Be on the look out for it!

Our website is hosted in the US and the majority of our visitors are from the US. The dollar is also the most commonly accepted currency world-wide. Therefore, by default our price is in USD ($).

However, don’t worry! It’s possible to purchase the course from any country! We accept all major debit / credit cards and PayPal. 

After purchasing the course, your bank will automatically convert the USD into your local currency, at the standard rate! 🙂

No worries! Online Tutor Master comes with a solid, 30-day money back guarantee. If you truly did not find any value in the course then all you have to do is shoot an email to info@fluencymadeeasy.com and ask for a refund.

There’s almost too many things to write down ;). 

But to be brief: 

  • How to tell which tutors are going to work best for you
  • How many times per week you should use your tutors. 
  • Exactly what to do, step-by-step, in a lesson to get the most out of your tutors. 
  • How to tell when a tutor isn’t working out for you, and what to do about it.
  • How to get tutors for cheaper. 
  • How to never forget any important words you learn from any of the lesson you take.
  • How to use tutors to see constant progress weekly, and to ensure your speaking skills and confidence increase tremendously!

….Among many other things!


"One language sets you in a hallway for life. Two languages opens every door along the way."

Invest in yourself.

$39 $97

Master the way you use online language tutors.